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*LogoVision ® is a word fragment of the registered trademark of the Jörns Ltd. (Patent office Munich No. 2050842)
Status: 01/2004 - Subject to change without notice!
Dimensions: about 260 x 220 x 500 mm
Casing: solid aluminium 2 + 3 mm profile
and carrier aluminum 4 mm wall thickness
Surface: Eloxal ecru, scope of rigid PVC
Weight: net weight about 11 kg
Power supply: 2 cables per 1,5 m with earthing type plug for 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Consumption: about. 300 watt incl. control gear and ventilator
Light source : Metal halide lamp 150 W - G12 (ca. 6.000 Std.), luminous flux about 18000 lumen, average luminance about 8.000 cd/qcm!
Refractor: Flat convex lens and asphere lens (made in Germany)
Focusing of light : Latest double condensing lens "System Jörns" with 75 Ø mm usable light channel.
Lens: 3-Reflactor high performance pro lens
Equipment: The projector is ready for operation at any time. The neutral STOP-sign slide foil, the motor pan shot reflector device and the illumant belong to the scope of delivery!